In 2014, Justin co-tried a case against East West Bank, and received a jury verdict of nearly $40,000,000 in favor of his clients, including $23,000,000 in punitive damages. The case settled on appeal in 2016. In 2017, after being an equity partner at his prior firm for eight years, Justin launched his own firm, Karczag & Associates PC ("KAPC").

Justin has rich experience in both trial and non-trial settings. Throughout his career, and currently at his new firm, KAPC, Justin’s case load involves, partnership/shareholder/corporate disputes, potential class action cases, potential Ponzi scheme cases, lender liability cases against national financial institutions and banks, a putative national class action against a medical billing company on behalf of medical providers, potential securities class action litigation, employment cases on behalf of employers and employees, a business dispute over a landmark sign against a major national bank, many breach of contract cases and fraud cases, as well as multiple general consultation matters involving businesses large and small—each usually with valuations of and/or damages in the seven and eight figure range.

Justin’s past cases include jury trials of cases seeking seven and eight figures in damages against major national companies. Plus, Justin has successfully litigated cases that have settled against national financial institutions, national banks, national employers, and national insurers. Justin excels at analyzing, charting, and then executing a course of action that other lawyers would not see. Justin’s typical case involves a substantial amount in dispute against a defendant with unlimited sums of money that employs the largest law firm in the country. Justin has been through the trenches and knows what to expect and how to address the scorched earth litigation tactics of the other side. Justin utilizes a close and efficient team to protect his client’s interest and get the best possible outcome.

Justin also does not give up. In a prior class action case against a national employer and 1,000+ member law firm defending it, a Judge issued an order de-certifying the case. Most lawyers and law firms faced with such circumstances would have just given up. Justin responded by marshalling several other team members and working over the next 72 hours, to file over 300 individual cases against the defendant in United States District Court in San Francisco. The defendant responded by filing its own 300 individual cases against 300 different plaintiffs in 20 different courts across the country. Justin and his team successfully challenged and defeated all of defendants’ other cases, and even received orders for sanctions against defendant and its counsel. Ultimately, because of that successful strategy, the settled the case on a global basis for eight figures.

Justin is currently a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Professional Ethics and Rules Committee and the Los Angeles County Editorial Board for the Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine. In addition, Justin is member of numerous professional and nonprofit organizations.

There are few geographical limits to Justin's practice. Justin is a member of the California, Nevada and Hawaii State Bars. In addition, Justin is admitted to practice in:

State Courts:
  • California State Court
  • Nevada State Court
  • Hawaii State Court
Federal United States District Courts:
  • Northern District of California
  • Central District of California
  • Southern District of California
  • Eastern District of Californai
  • District of Nevada
  • District of Hawaii
  • District of Colorado
  • Northern District of Texas
  • Southern District of Texas
  • Western District of Texas
  • Eastern District of Texas
  • District of Nebraska
  • Western District of Tenessee
  • Eastern District of Missouri
United States Courts of Appeal:
  • Fifth Circuit
  • Ninth Circuit
  • Tenth Circuit
  • Federal Circuit
  • District of Columbia
The United States Supreme Court



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