Litigation Expertise: Karczag & Associates PC (“KAPC”) has a broad range of experience in commercial and civil litigation. Our attorneys have represented small and large companies, as well as partnerships and individuals in a diverse mix of litigation matters. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants. Because the firm provides zealous and conscientious service in each of its engagements, our attorneys have achieved a prominent reputation in the following practice areas:

Class Actions
Victims of consumer overcharges, wage and hour abuses, or Ponzi schemes, to name but a few, are individually powerless to protect their interests. The cost of litigation outstrips the loss that an individual victim has suffered. The power of class actions is to bring together a group of victims, perhaps as many as 5,000,000 or more that have been damaged month after month, or it may be a group of employees or patients overcharges in the emergency room, or it may be investors that have been the victims of a Ponzi scheme. In all cases, the power of the group against a large opposing force puts the class of victims in a position to protect itself. Attorneys at KAPC have successfully protected consumers, employees and Ponzi victims and been instrumental in recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for consumers and victims.

Lender Liability
Lenders sometimes take actions that may affect their borrowers. When this happens, it is essential that quick action be taken to minimize damage to the borrower. The attorneys at KACP have been protecting their clients in lender liability cases for over fifteen years. Attorneys at KAPC has successfully litigated against some of the largest banking institutions in the country, including, Comerica Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, UBS, GECC, East West Bank, and Bank of the West to name but a few. The banks have their stable of talented lawyers from some of the largest firms in the country. KAPC levels the playing field.

Commercial Litigation and Shareholder/Partnership Disputes
Successful business litigation requires a combination of careful strategy, dedicated preparation and effective delivery. KAPC understands that business litigation must have a business purpose. A plan designed to accomplish that goal is at the heart of every strategy. Careful thought at the planning stage saves not only time and money, but maximizes the probability of business and litigation success. The skill sets honed in the David vs. Goliath context in the areas of practice above, work extremely well for commercial litigation and shareholder/partnership disputes, often surprising and out maneuvering the other side, no matter their size.

Employment Law
Employment is one of the most important business relationships there is. For the employer, the trust and faith they repose in their employees can be what allows a business to thrive. For the employee, the employer’s position in controlling employee pay determines the employee’s entire standard of living. Whether this relationship breaks down on either side, whether it be an overreaching employer or a disloyal employee, or any other myriad employment relationship that has gone from beneficial to harmful, the lawyers at KAPC are here to help. Because they have experience on both sides of the aisle they know the strategies and tactics of each side, from an internalized perspective. Because of that, they can be more effective than an employee-only or employer-only firm. If you suspect that something is not right at work, KAPC attorneys can help you and protect what you work so hard to preserve.

Family Law
Family law can be one of the most contentious areas of litigation. It cuts to the core of our values and often involves disputes between those who can hurt us the most. KAPC is prepared to vigorously defend any client that is being taken advantage of by this process. Similarly, while emotions run high, KAPC attorneys stay focused on a goal-oriented outcome. Whether it’s a division of assets, spousal support, custody and visitation, or modification of existing orders regarding the same, KAPC attorneys focus on the end game and are not distracted by the short-term antics of the other side. Swift resolution that best protects our client’s interests always remains the focus. And, for those who see us before marriage, we can also provide services for pre-marital agreements, that help eliminate many of the disputes that otherwise arise. We are available for mediated resolution of disputes as well.